Monday, December 22, 2014

What You Need to Do (and NEVER Do!) During a Job Hunt

Searching intended for a job beyond doubt is a pursuit - you have to at all times be watching and equipped to pursue speedily and efficiently once you finally catch sight of an opportunity. As any devoted job hunter has learned, looking for a job requires a significant amount of your time. Make sure you're making the best use of your time by following these dos and don'ts for job hunting:

Do: Research the company that you desire to work for

In advance to you applying for a job, always search for relevant information pertaining to the company so you can highlight your abilities that will best correspond to their needs. Take a look at the company's "About Us" page, search for recent press releases, and visit their social media pages.

Do: Allow your resume to remain short and simple

Most hiring managers are often swamped with tons of applications and allegedly an average of six seconds will be used on scanning your resume or job application. If you want to increase the probability of staying out of the rejection pile: minimize the phrasing to a minimum and use keywords from the job description so it's obvious at first (very brief!) glance that you're qualified.

Do: Make adjustments to your online presence

Hiring managers are constantly viewing candidates on social media and other online sites. Before you job hunt, make certain that there aren't any possible red flags contrary to you being online, such as explicit/ inappropriate pictures or posts. Remove any items you think could portray you in a bad point of view, but don't remove all traces of personality - employers like to see your hobbies and interests to get a feel for how you'd fit into company culture.

Don't: surrender anything without proofreading

Be alert and aware of any correspondence that you have with a possible employer - from the opening application to any follow-up emails. Each one is an chance to display your communication skills and concentration to detail. Even just a instant reply to an email can make you look flawed if you submit it with a typo.

 Don’t: be overly persistent

Enthusiasm is beneficial, but when it's taken into extreme measures, it can turn off employers and make you appear discourteous of their time and simply incapable of following instructions. Ask for timelines for when you should expect to hear a response, as well as the preferred method of contact, and respect those limits. If you don't hear back after the time period, then it's okay to reach out.

Don't: restrict your options

Continue to remain open-minded to other possible job seeking methods and possibilities. If you're having trouble searching for a permanent full-time job, consider the possibility of temporary work. It can help you fill gaps on your resume, gain experience, and stay in the workforce. Plus, you'll be able to interact with people, which could guide you to a full-time job.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 5 Resume Errors Admin Pros Make

Administrative professionals are the spirit of ensuring a work atmosphere runs smoothly. Employers put a lot of faith into their admin professionals to take on the daily functions of their businesses. When you're searching for a new admin position, it's necessary that your resume demonstrates that you're a qualified and detail-oriented candidate for the job. Put your best foot forward by avoiding these top five resume mistakes admin professionals tend to make:

Not Thoroughly Proofreading

Admin professionals are accountable for paperwork, managing schedules, and additional responsibilities that require attention to detail. Submitting a resume with mistakes could guide possible employers to distrust your capability to impart efficiently or present accurate work. Take care of your resume with the same care you would give an important report for your boss, and proofread it cautiously before submitting.

Skipping Keyword Optimization

It is imperative to incorporate the same descriptive words or phrases from employer job descriptions in your resume so they know without a doubt that you're qualified. Even if you're fundamentally saying the same thing, utilizing the correct keywords in your resume will grab hold of the employer's attention more quickly. Also, if the employer uses applicant tracking software, the system can automatically filter out resumes that don't contain the exact keywords set for the position. 

Making It Overly Lengthy

Study has revealed that hiring managers use up an average of just six seconds initially scanning a resume. If your resume includes numerous pages or has too much wording crammed into it, you endanger the employing manager not being able to effortlessly absorb the information. Pick and choose wisely which particular admin job responsibilities or abilities to include - add the ones that make you stand out from the other candidates, not every task you've ever accomplished. 

Not Formatting It Correctly

 Bypass the decorative formatting with imagery, bins, or odd fonts - while it's understandable to want to stand out and prove your technology skills as an admin specialist, going outside of standard formatting could boomerang. Hiring managers may want you to add your resume into their applicant tracking system, which may not distinguish formatting. Stick to basic formatting with standard font and use bullet points or lists to space out your information for maximum readability.  

 Not Customizing It

Never rely on the same generic resume for every admin professional job for which you submit an application. While the information should always remain accurate, personalize it to highlight your qualifications that are best suited for each probable employer's individual needs.   

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Are there any possible ways to Reject Candidates in a kind manner?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but rejecting candidates is actually an opportunity to construct a good quality reputation for your association. Taking the time to write out a rejection letter shows that you appreciate the candidates' time and effort they put into applying for a career with your company, and gives them the closure to shift on in their job search. Compose the candidate rejection process more positive with these helpful hints:

Make it timely:

Rejection stings despite the consequences, but it's healthier for candidates to know as soon as possible instead of giving them false hope by drawing out the inevitable. As soon as you make a decision to deny a candidate, begin forming the rejection letter and send it out in a timely manner.

Personalize it:

For candidates who applied but was not invited to job interview, if achievable, use mail merge software programs that makes it possible for automatically inputting candidates' names instead of a generic "Dear Applicant." If the candidate made it to the job interview process and took time out of her schedule, designate the rejection letter modified for the position and in reference the job interview.

Display your appreciation:

Continuously make sure that you show gratitude for the candidate having interest in working for your corporation, and especially for coming into the job interview. The application and interview process can often be very time-consuming for candidates, so give recognition and acknowledge that you respect the time they took to apply.

Keep It Concise:

Get to the purpose as concisely as possible and bring about a understandable and sincere statement that the candidate was not chosen for the position. Job seekers recognize the value of companies that give them a straight answer and don't give the impression that they aren't concerned about showing candidates the courtesy.

Finish on a Positive Note:

Wrap up the rejection in an heartening approach by wishing them luck in their job seeking endeavors. If the organization believes the candidate could be a useful match in the future for a different position, or wishes to continue a relationship, make sure to express that.

Guard your company from liability risks:

Don't be overly specific in the words you utilize for why a candidate was not chosen. With a expression such as "another candidate was more qualified" can backfire if the chosen candidate actually lacks certain qualifications or skills. Instead, as an alternative, state that a different candidate was simply a better overall fit without going into precise details.
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9 steps to constructing an Impressive Looking Resume

Step #1 

Make sure that everything regarding your resume is lined up, and be certain that you add lines and bullet-points to split sections and create order.

Step #2

When it comes to utilizing white space, you need to create to a minimum of at least 1 inch margins. Be sure to leave some blank space between certain sections of your resume, that way you'll increase the readability, and various pieces of important information can be seen.

Step #3

When building a resume, be sure to use the correct font. There are various fonts out there that can be used, but the standard font for most resumes are Times New Roman. If you desire for your resume to be more readable, then using Garamond as a font would be highly recommended because it's a print font.

Step #4

Now that you've started to build your resume, make sure that you always use the same font all the way throughout the whole resume. There are numerous font styles we can use, but the only time your font style should change is when it comes to using italics or bold. Other than that, nothing about your font should change.

Step #5

Whenever you construct a resume, always be sure to use the correct font size. Meaning, your font size should never be set smaller than 9 points for san serif, and 10 points for serif. Always avoid underlining of words because studies have shown that majority of readers may find that underlined text is difficult to read.

Step #6

You may feel tempted to express yourself by adding some form of color or decoration to your resume. When constructing your resume, you should never add color to your resume; at the most, you could set your name a little bit bigger, or in a different weight using the same type-face.

Step #7

Make sure that you avoid using paper with a linen or parchment finish when it comes to printing your resume. Your best option would be to just use paper with a plain, smooth finish. At the most, the paper can include a slight shade of cream; but you should never use a slight pink finish when writing a resume.

Step #8

Use the right paper size, that'll be the standard 8.5 X 11. If your resume can't fit inside of a binder, or possibly a file; EVIDENTLY, your file will thrown away!

Step #9

Whatever you do, refrain from printing your resume in a horizontal format. The person viewing your resume may view hundreds of resumes daily, so using another variation of being creative when it comes to writing your resume wouldn't be a good idea at all. If you want the person viewing your resume to notice that it stands out, write a cover letter that they'll be interested in.

Staffing Ft. Lauderdale
Staffing Fort Lauderdale

Friday, December 5, 2014

The Benefits of Working With a Staffing Organization

The number one benefit when it comes to working with a staffing organization is the amount of time you save. Due to the high possibility that an employee may be fired on the spot, or possibly quit on the spot; staffing agencies fill the gap immediately with certified and pre-screened candidates.

Another benefit about hiring a staffing organization is that it enables you to save money. There are plenty of fees when it comes to owning a small business, but with a staffing company, you don't have to surrender all of your money. Hiring a staffing organization actually helps you a-lot more than you'd expect. It eliminates majority of the costs, such as hiring ads, pre-screening assessments, background checks etc....

Third, you get to save energy. There's no time wasted because you're short staffed at the moment. Using a staffing organization helps you to relax, they find the most qualified candidates for the job, and give you a handful to choose from.

And last, working with a staffing organization, you aren't obligated to any commitment at all. Without any commitments, it allows you to save money on unemployment insurance because you're using a temporary staff agency. You also have up to 7 long months before you make your decision, and you get to observe the worker as well before you make an important decision.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Four Helpful hints Designed for helping you ensure that you Employ the right Applicant

Every business wants to employ the right candidate for the job, and every business wants to do it in a beneficial fashion so that productivity does not suffer.  However, it’s easier said than done.  The pressure to hire somebody to fill an open position results in being greater over time, as does the temptation to hire somebody who seems “good enough” to relieve that burden.

With that said, these four helpful hints will help you ensure that you have employed the right applicant:

#1 Build the most precise job description possible.  The job description has more than likely altered since before the prior candidate for the job worked in the position.  Make certain that any and all alterations are integrated into the current description to enhance accurateness and reduce time-to-hire.

#2 Staff a temporary worker during the interim.  This helps overcome both challenges, because it enables you to spend more time and energy searching for the right candidate for the job and it also guards in contrast to a drop in productiveness. 

#3 Arrange for your well-written job description to be presented in front of the right candidates.  You can’t employ the right candidate if that candidate does not even acknowledge that your job opportunity exists.  This might necessitate working with recruiting companies and staffing agencies, which generally have access to more targeted and eligible candidates.

#4 Always stay on the look-out for possible candidates that you need for the job. Successful hiring is all about being practical, and that consists of keeping a count of individuals you’d like to eventually be part of your team. It could also take account of conducting informal “courtesy interviews” even if you don’t currently have an opening to satisfy or an instant need.

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Staffing Fort Lauderdale