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Diseño de sitios web y propuesta de SEO 1 de enero de 2004

American Business for Sale

Website Design and SEO Proposal for The Vacation Travel Mart

The objective of this project is to build a nice website that will represent the company very well on the internet. The site can proudly be used to directly send inquiring customers to for more information. Secondly, the website will be highly marketable and will be easily found on the internet search engines.

Develop a 14 page static website with 2 dynamic modules. This website will have the following pages:

Stage (1) Completed in 2 week Period

  • Positioning in 1500 Search engines world wide per (Advance Marketing)
  • Creation of 25 Static and Optimized English Pages for specific travel destinations
  • Create customer form to your available pricing system. The system will have customers fill out a quick form which gathers Name, Email and travel information. The customer will then click Instant Quote. The system will then store the customer information in a database. The next step will then send the customer information to your existing pricing system that will return instant pricing options as you do today.
  • Customer information will be used for future Email advertisements.
  • Customer information will be used for follow up messages for quotes.
  • The number of people that actually come through our marketing can be tracked successfully.
  • Specialized Marketing effort for each of the 10 destinations
  • Includes Email Campaign to 25,000 Golfers
  • Includes Email Campaign to 25,000 Business Owners
  • Completion of marketing to focus on 50 Keyword combinations. Our focus will be to have these keywords bring up Vacmart marketing pages across 1500 Search Engines in the top 3 pages.


American Business for sale


Note, this business is actively functioning with many customers under contract, hence the sale of business is not public knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

  • Established Customer Base

    We provide services to clients such as doctors, attorneys, real estate professionals, interior decorating professionals, event planners, HVAC, trucking distribution, DJ's, security, photography, hair salons, printing company etc.

  • Diversity in Clientele

    You have the ability to limit your focus and work with a specific niche of clients, or you can work with a broad group and be an SEO generalist. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring maximum results and efficiency.

  • Flexibility & Growth Opportunity

    As a SEO business owner, you will have the option of expanding the business as much as you choose. SEO is one of the fastest growing industries and you can take part in the growth by investing this business for sale. It is a great investment because it has few limitations as far as growth.

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