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Website Design and SEO Proposal October 14, 2003

American Business for Sale

Website Design and SEO Proposal for Allied Pressroom Chemistry

Allied Pressroom Chemistry is one largest developer of Press Room Chemistry. This American based business was referred to the company to pitch why putting their business on the internet was the best way to market in the (then) new world. This American Business is for sale in Miami and is very interested in working with a foreign national who is looking for a great business in Miami.

Objectives: Help to Reduce Phone Call Support, Provide Better Communications with Dealers and Increase Sales.

Redo the following Static pages providing a clean and easy to use interface to the customer.

  • Home Page – An introduction of your company.
  • Testimonial Pages – With paraphrase of testimonial and popup Testimonial Image.
  • Contact Page
  • Disclaimer Page
  • Frequently Asked Questions Page
  • Dynamic Product Cataloging System. This system will allow for easy product adding, editing, deleting and searching capabilities. We will build this dynamic system which will initially have 135 products in it. See Diagram (A).
  • Dynamic Company News Bulletin. This system will allow you to easily add simple paragraphs of company News information. You will be able to Add, Delete and Edit information. We will control what is seeable to the customer by providing a reviewed checkbox in the control panel. If the article has not been reviewed, the approved box will not be checked. Only when the article has been reviewed and you have checked the reviewed box, will the article be visible to the consumer.
  • Dynamic MSD Support System. This system will require that anyone requesting a MSD report must first signup identifying who they are. This information will be saved in the database system and forwarded to your email for approval. Once you have approved their company you will be able to send them a user name and password. This will allow them to be able to access MSD information in one of the following acceptable manners:
    • Allow unlimited access to 1 or Many MSD sheets OR
    • Allow access to 1 or Many MSD sheets for a limited time OR
    • Allow access to only 1 MSD sheet at a time
    • MSD Request Reports – This system will allow you to access and analyze the information captured


American Business for sale


Note, this business is actively functioning with many customers under contract, hence the sale of business is not public knowledge.

Why Choose Us?

  • Established Customer Base

    We provide services to clients such as doctors, attorneys, real estate professionals, interior decorating professionals, event planners, HVAC, trucking distribution, DJ's, security, photography, hair salons, printing company etc.

  • Diversity in Clientele

    You have the ability to limit your focus and work with a specific niche of clients, or you can work with a broad group and be an SEO generalist. Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client, ensuring maximum results and efficiency.

  • Flexibility & Growth Opportunity

    As a SEO business owner, you will have the option of expanding the business as much as you choose. SEO is one of the fastest growing industries and you can take part in the growth by investing this business for sale. It is a great investment because it has few limitations as far as growth.

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