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Website Design and SEO Proposal October 10, 2003

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Website Design and SEO Proposal for Democrats South Dade Club

Democrats South Dade Club is active group as of 2017 that promotes and organizes democrats in the Miami area. The organization was referred to the American business in order to build a website and promote that website. This American Business is for sale in Miami and is very interested in working with a foreign national who is looking for a great business in Miami.

Ten Static Pages of information, which can grow over time. Here are some of the details:

  • Home Page – which is the introduction page to the Club
  • History Page – which is a history of the club and the democratic party
  • Presidents Message – This is an inspirational message from the president.
  • Donations Page – which will describe how, who and why donate
  • About Us Page – which will describe the organization and board members
  • Contact Page – this will have organized emails, phone numbers
  • Community Notes ( 7 – 10 pages) community notes, opportunities and outreach.

Candidates System – This is a dynamic system that will list out democratic candidates National and Local. Each listing will show information about the candidate. The System will offer a Sponsorship opportunity which will allow the candidate to get a full page or link to the candidate's personal website.

Features of the new website Continued

Sponsors Page – This is a dynamic system that will be a dynamic directory of individual companies, people and organizations that have provided donations, or sponsored dollars to the club. The information will have different levels of displays, i.e. Simple listing, Full Page and Link.

Volunteer Opportunities – This is a dynamic system that will allow members to post volunteer opportunities on the website, allow people to sign up for volunteer opportunities. All name, email information will be saved to a database, for later use.

Newsletter – This is a dynamic upload system that will allow for the integration of Microsoft Word type newsletter to be uploaded to the system at anytime.

Tell A Friend – This system will allow people to send a formatted informational email about the club and the website to up to 5 people at a time from the website. The name and email information provided will be saved in the database for later use.

Sign Up Online – Become a member, Sign up for Sponsorship and make donations Online. This will integrate with to accept money and post it to the club's bank account.

10 Email boxes will be provided for board members. These accounts can be automatically re-routed to members' personal e-mail accounts


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Note, this business is actively functioning with many customers under contract, hence the sale of business is not public knowledge.

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